Paul Sutherland

Digital Strategist · Search Consultant · Marketing Partner

I tend to be labelled a Digital Strategist, but basically I like to help websites communicate more effectively with people.

My background lies in creating, planning and executing data-driven search strategy for leading brands in New Zealand, Australia and across various international markets. I run Relevance NZ and am also a co-founder of Relevance & Intent.

Be it a search marketer, SEO consultant, digital manager or e-commerce specialist, I help brands reach and grow their audience effectively - whatever label gets applied.

What I Do

Content Strategy

I can help you identify and understand what your audience is looking for online. Once we can uncover what their motivation is, we can start to look at the best ways to craft content to communicate with them more effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have great content, I can help you optimise your site to ensure you get the traffic you deserve from the likes of Google. No smoke and mirrors, no dodgy algorithm chasing - just best practice without butchering your content.

I've been doing SEO for a while now, so there are few issues I haven't seen and dealt with before - be it around information architecture, indexation & crawl problems, schema markup or technical SEO issues.

Search & Online Marketing

I can develop an online marketing strategy and help you execute it. I'm platform/network agnostic, so I will always focus on figuring out what will work best for your business. Just because your grandma is now on facebook, doesn't necessarily mean it is always the best place to promote your widgets.

Reporting & Analysis

I can help you find out how your site is performing, analyse what is working and identify what could do with a bit of tinkering to produce better results. Sometimes, even the smallest of tweaks in the right places can produce some remarkable results.


Campaign Strategy

In addition to helping you craft the right content and optimise your website, I can also help you figure out additional ways to reach your target audience.

  • Google Ads, Search
  • Google Ads, Display
  • Google Ads, Video
  • Bing Ads, Search
  • Facebook Ads, Display & Video
  • Doubleclick, Programmatic Management

Google Certifications

  • Google Ads Partner
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Shopping Certification
  • Google Video (YouTube) Certification
  • Google Analytics Certified Individual
  • Google My Business